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Why Mastatest?

The on-farm mastitis diagnostic tool is easy to use and helps you make informed decisions, for a healthy and productive herd.

Automated diagnostic

The Mastatest® system takes away the hassle of diagnostics, so you can focus on the best treatment. Get fully interpreted data without leaving your gate.

  • No plating of milk samples

  • No tricky interpretation of culture results

  • Results directly to your inbox within 24 hours

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Better informed decisions

You can use the Mastatest system on a daily basis for cows with clinical or subclinical mastitis. Mastatest provides you with all the data you need to inform your mastitis management decisions:

  • Presence (or absence) of bacteria

  • Type of bacterial species

  • Antibiotic sensitivity

Increased productivity

A healthy herd is a productive one. Mastatest can guide your herd decisions, so it produces more milk while costing you less.

  • Identifies cows that don't need antibiotic treatment, so can avoid a milk withholding period

  • Aids selection of the right antibiotic for each cow, so you improve cure rates and reduce their time out of the herd

  • Enables better-informed herd management decisions with historical data about individual cows and the overall herd

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Customer Stories

Used by farmers worldwide

Mastatest works. Farmers around the globe have had success with our system.

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“In the two years of running Mastatest, we have seen a drop in the use of antibiotics. The results we get from Mastatest provide us with targeted information on bacteria and antibiotics. And by using the right antibiotics, we get really good cure rates. Cows are cured right away with the first treatment. It has also helped our focus of being sustainable for the environment, for animal health, and for the dairy industry.”


Farm owner and Sharemilker

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“No more guesswork. Using Mastatest we know if a cow needs treatment and what drug to use. We’ve reduced our antibiotic usage by 25%.”



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“It’s a rapid and simple system. Within 24 hours it can confirm whether the mastitis is due to a Staph aureus, Strep uberis, CNS staph, coliform, or other strep species. The result includes the antibiotic with the lowest MIC value. Ease of use and speed of turn-around time within the clinic means that sampling becomes a more attractive option for clients and easier for veterinary staff.”

Dr Andrew Bates

Senior Dairy Veterinarian and Dairy Science Director
Vetlife Temuka and Centre for Dairy Excellence

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“It gives every person in our milking teams the best opportunity to identify mastitis. If they’re relying on visual cow clues, they may not see it, either because it’s not obvious or because people’s skills vary.”


Dairy Exporter 08/19

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“We were going up to six treatments with the previous treatment regime, then needing to change drug with a high number of quarters dried off and cows in the pennos for a month. The cows are in the pennos for a much shorter period, which has been so good. If we are confident that the drug we are using is effective and the cows are not completely cured at the end of three tubes, we can extend therapy with that drug rather than changing to a new class.”



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“We’ve got to a stage where we are managing cell count well, an average of 86,000. I wanted to know what we can do to get it down a bit lower. The Mastatest system seemed to be the most simplistic, easy culture system to use.”


Farm owner

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“It is good to actually see the types of mastitis coming through, build some understanding on where it’s coming from, and actually feel more confident about the dollars we are inserting into those cows.”


Contract milker

The mastitis tool you can trust




that use the Mastatest system.




analyzed and tests run.




managed through the Mastatest data management system.

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Mastatest is available in select countries around the world. Please get in touch with our team to find out more.

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