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User Guides

Our step-by-step video and print guides are here to support you and your team in getting the best out of the Mastatest system.

Video Guides

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Getting started with Mastatest

How to set-up the Mastatest Lapbox, and create a customer account.

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Connecting to the internet

How to connect the Mastatest Lapbox via Ethernet (recommended) or WiFi.

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Collecting a sample

How to take a good milk sample.

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Filling a cartridge

How to fill the Mastatest Clinical and Mastatest HiSCC cartridges.

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Starting a test

How to start a test, using the ‘Boxstart’ and ‘Webstart’ options.

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Reviewing results

How to access and review test data.

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Care of the Mastatest Lapbox

How to look after your Mastatest system.

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Using your Mastatest dataset

How you and your vet can access and review the farm-level data, for herd decisions and incorporation into your mastitis control plan.

A demonstration of the Mastatest system

Watch Mastatest in action on a farm.

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